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. Love lip gloss. Love texting! Hate when a guy trys to own, so get it right. I love to feel protected by a man, but dont be crazy doing it. My daughter comes first in my life. You treat her the way you treat me or you wont be a priority of mine. I am not here to be spoiled or the be a gold digger. Just seeing whos out there.
Music: Love some R&B to fall asleep to, love some Christian music when my daughter is in the car. :)
TV: BIggest Loser, SVU, Minute to Win It, lifetime, and Trutv.
Books: The Bible.
Sports: I absolutely love Football! Pittsburgh Steelers is my team of course, but I cant stand Dallas, so I will root for whoever is playing Dallas as well!
Interests: I love to watch movies, i enjoy storms, I spend time with my daughter, drink with the girls and fellas.
Movies: Scary Movies!! Their my favorite. Case 39--wack! Twisted movie ever! Paranormal Activity and all those are funnnn to watch! :)
Dreams: For my daughter to have everything she ever truly needs in life and to be with no struggle and she never struggles in this world.

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